Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on Us

The update on us is that we still don’t know anything about anything. The insurance folks are still working on reprocessing things so that hopefully Sandi can soon schedule and have surgery. The food stamp folks have not updated us as to the status of our Medicaid claim. I have not heard anything from the Social Security disability folks on my case.

This is why I am again asking for your help. Please donate. We are past due on our utilities, rent is coming due, etc. and we desperately need your help.

Barry Ergang (who is starting an editing business http://writetrack.yolasite.com/editorial-services.php ) has graciously continued his sale offer regarding us. In addition to his own works of fiction up at Smashwords, he is selling books at  http://barryergangbooksforsale.yolasite.com/  Mystery books, general fiction, writer help books, etc. Barry has quite a lot of books that he is seeking to sell. Quite often, what Barry reviews for his posts here come from his books for sale.

Now, as frequent readers of this space know as well as what Barry has posted on the various lists, he is helping me by donating funds to help my family out. As Barry has put it:

“Make a purchase and I'll contribute 20% of the total price of the books to Kevin and his family. Just indicate in your e-mail order that you're doing this for Kevin. If you want me to acknowledge you to him, say so. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, I can simply let him know that an anonymous buyer contributed whatever the amount is. This way, you help one of our friends and colleagues, and come away with something tangible to show for it.”

I very much appreciate Barry’s offer and am very grateful for his help as well as the support of those who have bought books from Barry and donated funds.  Barry is not the only one to make such an offer.

Ben Leroy owner of Tyrus Books has offered a special incentive. In his words:

“We've got limited editions that I'd donate to the cause. If people put $200 in your account, I'll send them a copy of Delta Blues or By Hook or By Crook ($275/$250 suggested retail). The descriptions are on our website.”

I have read and reviewed Delta Blues here and it is a good one. Have not read “By Hook Or By Cook” (and no it is not in my TBR pile--I did look) but it sounds like a good anthology.

We very much appreciate Barry’s as well as Ben’s continued support.

It remains our intention to someday, somehow, pay everyone back for all they have done for us. I have no idea how short of winning the lottery or my being lucky enough and good enough to be on the NYT bestseller list. But, that remains our intention.

Please help if you can. Please spread the word if you will. We are not being frivolous with the donations and are not begging for the fun of it.  We truly do need your help.

Thank you.


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