Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Dad---A Week Later

Ever since I got sick with whatever this is I have back in March 2010 I find myself measuring events by time. How many weeks or months something was ago in relation to the now I am living in at that particular moment. I don’t know why it is I do that. Maybe it is the way madness lies…..I don’t know.

A week ago this evening at about 9:35 pm my Mom called to tell me my Dad had died. I somehow knew even before I picked up the phone that something very bad had happened. I just didn’t know how bad.

On behalf of my Mom, who is handling things as best as can be expected, and our family, thank you for everything. Some have expressed their condolences in public--others have expressed theirs in private. Please know each and every single one was heartfelt, appreciated, and means so very much to all of us.



Clare2e said...

So sorry for all the tough times past and present for you and your family. Words are insufficient, but you have our thoughts.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Words fail me as well so all I can say is thank you.