Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update On Sandi

Just wanted to let all know she is doing okay. I think the positive effects of the transfusion have now completely worn off as the last 48 hours or so she has been back to where she was pre-transfusion. The flu like symptoms she gets along with the shakes and the extreme cold are all back in full force and making it hard on her. She is also back to sleeping most hours of the day and night just like she was before they did it.

Despite all of this, she is still here and very positive she is going to beat this crap.

This coming week is Spring Break and that means Scott will be home and able to spend some time with her.

The following week is round six of chemo---blood work permitting---and that would be the last round of this cycle. Then we would wait for late April and the next PET Scan. That test will tell us--one way or another----a lot about what we face in the coming weeks.

Obviously things are still not good at all but they could be so very much worse. We thank you all again for your donations, your prayers, your notes of encouragement. It all means so very much to us and far more than we can say.



Randy Johnson said...

You guys hang in there. We'll keep our fingers crossed. I just know Snadi will be fine.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Hope you are right, Randy. The other is unthinkable.