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Crime Review Update--- New issue of Crime Review

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Philip Kerr in the Countdown interview hot
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This week’s reviews are:
CAREER OF EVIL by Robert Galbraith, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
London PI Cormoran Strike pursues unsavoury characters from his army past
when his assistant takes delivery of a parcel containing a severed leg.

HELLFIRE by Chris Ryan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Danny Black is in command of a small team sent to carry out a hostage
rescue in Nigeria. What awaits them there is far more dangerous than
anything they could have expected.

X by Sue Grafton, reviewed by Chris Roberts
PI Kinsey Millhone receives instructions from a wealthy woman to trace her
son, a felon recently released from detention. After completing the task,
Kinsey finds that most of what she was told is a lie.

THE WITNESS by Simon Kernick, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Jane Kinnear is in a police safe house after witnessing a brutal double
murder while DI Ray Mason has to catch the killer and foil an imminent
terrorist attack.

THE DEFENCELESS by Kati Hiekkapelto, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
A young Pakistani Christian, who fled to Finland to escape persecution, is
denied asylum and gets caught in drugs and gangs warfare. An old man in
pyjamas is found dead in the road. Detective Anna Fekete investigates.

When the much younger wife of an eminent lawyer disappears, Commisario
Corada Sciancalepre must trace her, but finds himself deep in a tangled

THE OUTSIDER by Jason Dean, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Close protection specialist James Bishop is called in to help a witness in
a high-profile trial stay alive long enough to give evidence.

A MURDEROUS MIND by Jane A Adams, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A student is found dead in university accommodation – and there are links
to a crime from 15 years earlier and a disgraced cop.

QUOTA by Jock Serong, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Lawyer Charlie Jardim visits a remote coastal town to firm up the
prosecution case against two men for murder, but finds the locals hostile.

THE VALLEY by John Renehan, reviewed by John Cleal
With a past that haunts him and a dead-end admin job, US Lieutenant Black
is sick of the army. Then he is tasked with a minor investigation in a
desolate northern Afghan valley – and is plunged into a whirlpool of lies
and killing.

THE DEAD PASS by Colin Bateman, reviewed by John Cleal
PI Dan Starkey is hired by a former political activist to find her missing
criminal son who she believes has been killed. When she is murdered,
Starkey’s investigation takes him into Derry’s underworld.

THE BLUE ROOM by Georges Simenon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
A couple conducting an affair have a near miss with being discovered. This
leads to the end of an affair but the beginning of a nightmare.

THE BLUNDERER by Patricia Highsmith, reviewed by Chris Roberts
New York lawyer Walter Stackhouse’s fascination with a murder implicates
him when his own wife dies under unusual circumstances.

THE NIGHTMARE PLACE by Steve Mosby, reviewed by John Cleal
DI Zoe Dolan is hunting the attacker branded The Creeper, whose violence is
escalating, but she has no clue how he has been getting into the victims’
homes, no pattern to his attacks or no idea who could be next.

A NEW YORK CHRISTMAS by Anne Perry, reviewed by Sylvia Maughan
Jemima is accompanying her friend Delphinia to New York to help her with
her wedding. When Delphinia’s long-estranged mother makes an appearance,
Jemima is drawn into a dangerous search to try to prevent her spoiling the

URBAN OUTLAWS: LOCKDOWN by Philip Jay Black, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The Urban Outlaws have to make their way to the US in pursuit of criminal
hacker Hector, who has stolen the world’s most advanced computer virus.

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