Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Should Be Writing

I should be writing and have been a little bit lately. The gears are stuck and barely moving. It seems foolish to be even trying with everything going on here. Still, I have been working just a little.

Not that much on that front will happen today. I will be spending the majority of my limited time I can sit up working on collection letters. Some moron at Medical City Dallas Hospital, despite getting a small monthly installment payment on each of Sandi's many accounts,  decided to once again turn her over to collections. Despite the fact it did not do anything to magically create money for us on two other accounts they turned over late last year, they have now gone and turned over another half dozen accounts.

Turning us over to collections changes nothing. All it does is massively upset her.


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Write when you're able. Some progress is still progress, even if not massive.

Over to collections, again? Just goes to prove that the world has more than its fair share of idiots, both individual and corporate.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

This is true. I don't know why they think turning us over does anything at all. We have no credit, we have no money, and there is nothing to sue for as CITIBANK found out and ended up settling their case for what was owed and having it dismissed. We are still making installment payments on that though every so often they again turn it over to collections which results in the collection agency finding out how their client screwed up before.

Carol N Wong said...

I know that it can be upsetting. We got a collection letter from the place that does out x-ray and CT scans. Two months before, I connected the business and told them that the insurance had paid and the person I had talked to the previous month had written the remaining off. So I contacted both the business and the collection agency. I asked for a statement to be sent to me stating that the amount was written off and they said that they would contact the agency. Hope to not get another bill in a few months from them.

I can't remember what kind of cancer she is fighting but I posted a message on financial funding for Multiple Myeloma this morning in a FB group. If you haven't tried this agency, they might be able to help or know of another agency that could.

Reine said...

Don't pay collections. Don't talk with anyone but the hospital finance office. It will work out. You have a plan. You are making regular payments. When a bill comes read it. Check for accuracy. File it. It will be okay.

Beyond reassurance that you are taking care of it according to plan cannot help.

As best you can, focus on work and the day-to-day of life.

The universe holds many blessings even in the most difficult times.