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RTE Update-- First 2016 issue of RTE

The January 9 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:

Plus we also feature a list of the reviewers' favourite reviews of 2015 and my top ten list of best books for last year.

Karin Salvalaggio in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

HOSTAGE    Kristina Ohlsson    Reviewed by Barbara Fister       
A note is found on a plane bound for New York: a bomb will be detonated if Sweden and the US don't agree to a terrorist's demands before the plane lands.       

BRYANT & MAY AND THE BURNING MAN   Christopher Fowler Reviewed by Yvonne Klein
As London threatens to combust in insurrection, Bryant and May pursue a serial arsonist and killer who seems intent on assuring that London is destroyed.

HIS RIGHT HAND    Mette Ivie Harrison    Reviewed by Caryn St Clair   
A Mormon church leader is murdered and the autopsy reveals that he was actually a she. Did his wife and children know his secret?

THE GUN    Fuminori Nakamura    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein       
A detached university student discovers the body of a man and near him a gun that he promptly appropriates, a spontaneous action that changes his life.

HARBOUR STREET    Ann Cleeves     Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
An elderly secretive woman is murdered and Vera Stanhope and Jo Answorth must figure out her secret to find the killer.

WOMAN WITH A SECRET      Sophie Hannah Reviewed by Sharon Mensing   
Online sex-play leads to an unusual murder, and a confused and anxious participant finds herself in the cross-hairs of the police as the investigation progresses.

DESPERATE MEASURES    Jo Bannister    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
Gabriel Ash's wife and children have been missing for four years, kidnapped by Somali pirates, causing his life to spin out of control. Now there's finally a chance for the happy return, but what must Ash
sacrifice to ensure that happens?

A THOUSAND FALLING CROWS    Larry D. Sweazy     Reviewed by PJ Coldren   
Former Texas Ranger Sonny Burton is asked to help find a runaway girl; there is a serial killer of young women loose in his part of Texas at the same time.

THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC     Jennifer Kingcheloe Reviewed by Meredith Frazier   
Set in Los Angeles in 1907, THE SECRET LIFE OF ANNA BLANC follows the life of a young socialite through her boredom, her determination to break out of society's prescribed roles, and her first forays into detection.

THE CIRCLE    Bernard Minier        Reviewed by Sharon Mensing       
Detective Martin Servaz returns to his old school haunts and an earlier relationship as he attempts to determine whether his lover's son is responsible for the death of a teacher.

BROOKLYN SECRETS    Triss Stein     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard    
Erica Donato is researching a Brooklyn neighborhood for her dissertation when she finds herself in the middle of two mysteries, one in the present and one from the 1930s.

THE WOMAN WITH A BLUE PENCIL Gordon McAlpine    Reviewed by Ben Neal
After the attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese-American literary character finds his existence

RETURN TO DUST    Andrew Lanh     Reviewed by Cathy Downs       
A niece after her dead aunt's insurance money seeks to prove her aunt, who flirted with all the old bachelors in a university town, was murdered, and not a suicide.

RED DAWN  M. Ammons, K. Fast, B. Ross, L. Wheeler,eds. Reviewed by Lourdes Venard   
Return of the annual anthology, Best New England Crime Stories
THE MAP OF CHAOS    Felix J. Palma        Reviewed by PJ Coldren       
Montgomery Gilmore wants to tell the woman he loves the truth about himself and will go to the most amazing lengths to do so.  This sentence doesn't begin to hint at what all goes on in The Map of Chaos.

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