Monday, April 04, 2016

MRI Scheduled

The MRI is now scheduled for very early Wednesday morning. It is a MRI of the pelvic and stomach area with and without contrast. So, we shall be there quite awhile.

She is very sick today so hopefully she will be better by Wednesday to do this.


Carol N Wong said...

So sorry that she feels so awful. So she only had the rest of today and all tomorrow to feel better. I have been freezing when I have MRIs. I had no idea until the last time that you can ask for a blanket. It really needed to be washed but at least I was warm. I hope that she is feeling at least a little better by Wednesday and hope that she gets the best results possible.

Reine said...

I am sad that Sandi is feeling so sick. I hope there will be better days ahead.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

She has good days and bad days. Today--Tuesday--was a bit better. Thank you, ladies.