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Review: "Treasure Of Ice And Fire (Veridical Dreams Book 2)" by Wayne D. Dundee

Billed as the second book in the Veridical Dreams series, it is a harsh night filled with cold and ice as Treasure Of Ice And Fire begins. By cunning and a bit of subterfuge Master Nindocai and his fellow travelers made it through the mountain guard post manned by two of the Wyvar regulators. Getting
through that guard post was just one of the many hurdles the group has to overcome in their quest. The fact that the holy man has heard what might be the “Secret Hammer” mentioned in the message from goddess Arya makes it seem that they are on the right track.

Getting to the valley of Gahm was just the first hurdles. Nindocai is a priest of the old gods and part of the religious faith frowned upon to the point of execution by the current regime. He as well as a few other people believe it is long past time to remove the godless Wyvar. The source of the hammering the priest hears is located in the ruins of a temple dedicated to Arya, the goddess of hope. Fortunately, the priest will get some help in Treasure Of Ice And Fire by Wayne D. Dundee.

A Crusade Powered By The Hammer Of The Gods is a line from the cover telling readers all they need to know. This is a fantasy novel featuring a quest. A quest seeking to change the future and the world as these characters know it. Known for his mysteries and westerns, author Wayne D. Dundee proves in Treasure Of Ice And Fire that he can easily write in the fantasy genre as well.

It is one heck of a good read.

Treasure Of Ice And Fire (Veridical Dreams Book 2)
Wayne D. Dundee
Beat To A Pulp
February 2016
ISBN# 978-1943035090
Paperback (also available in eBook format)
106 Pages

Amazon says I picked up the eBook to read and review on March 11, 2016. Amazon does not make a distinction between books I pick up for free during an author promotion and ones that I picked up by way of funds in my Amazon Associate account. At this point in time I have no idea how I got it.

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