Tuesday, June 14, 2016


By the time this runs we will be on our way to finally see the radiologist at the hospital. Our appointment is later this afternoon which will make for a very long day. Unfortunately, the doctor involved "does not do morning appointments" which makes things way harder on me as my issues get worse as the day goes on.

I will try and update her this afternoon or evening after we get back. I am not doing well so I can't promise to be here or anywhere else for that matter. As some folks know, I have taken several hard falls in recent days so I am banged up and in far more pain than normal. Being up all afternoon and trying to drive is going to be hard enough, not to mention the added stress we have today as we have no idea what we are doing today as part of this visit.

One hopes they do not also want money as we literally have nothing.


Kaye George said...

Good luck to both of you.

Carol N Wong said...

Sorry that you been having falls. I hope that you have been able to get that checked out. Best Wishes to both of you.

Reine said...

Best wishes for you and Sandi. Thinking about you two, lots. You're in my prayers.