Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Radiation News

As feared, it was a very long afternoon at the hospital. Things were made worse because they were running about an hour behind. We met with the doc who did his best to reassure us this will work. He made it very clear that he agreed with everyone else that this is Sandi's only option. He is seriously amazed she is not already having serious pain and other issues from the tumor.  You know things are serious when they make room in the schedule so that Sandi could have her CT Scan this afternoon so they could mark her body for the targeting stuff.

Starting Monday and for the rest of that week and then for four more weeks they will hit her with radiation for about 15 minutes each morning. The list of possible side effects are huge and appear to be far more extensive than what was worried about with chemo. While the tumor is in about the worst possible spot they think they can hit it and avoid damage to major organs. They are going with a five week cycle in the hopes they can use a slightly lower dose and can cut the risk of causing huge issues for her. So, basically the rest of June and all of July will be spent each morning down at the hospital.

While they did their level best to reassure us, we remain very worried. All we can do now is hope for the best. It is going to be a long several days until they actually start doing treatment.


Carol N Wong said...

Sounds like it will be a true ordeal for the both of you. I pray that the radiation will hit the right place for the tumor. Thank you the update.

Kaye George said...

Try to enjoy the last few days before the radiation starts. My fingers are tightly crossed for good results.