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Crime Review Update

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Simon Mason in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE PROMISE by Alison Bruce, reviewed by John Cleal

Maverick DC Gary Goodhew returns to duty after injury to help investigate
the strange killing of a down-and-out and part-time informant and finds a
chain of events which all point to an obsessed killer.

EPIPHANY JONES by Michael Grothaus, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Jerry Dresden, deeply troubled and unhappy, is accused of murdering his
work colleague and of stealing a Van Gogh painting from the Chicago museum.
While on the run he becomes involved with Epiphany, an emotionally damaged
young woman who listens to voices from God.

HURRICANE GOLD (audio) by Charlie Higson, narrated by Nathanial Parker,
reviewed by Linda Wilson

On an island full of criminals, the young James Bond has to face a series
of terrifying ordeals to win his freedom.


Bawdy Restoration England is threatened by a renewal of the war between
King and Parliament. A chance meeting between the beautiful Camille, a
fugitive French actress and Royal advisor Samuel Pepys leads to an
improbable love story in an atmosphere of political intrigue and danger.

WAKING LIONS by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Driving in the desert late at night, Dr Eitan Green hits and kills Asum, an
Eritrean immigrant. Asum’s wife Sirkit finds Eitan’s wallet at the scene
and pressures him to make his medical skills available to those in need.

HARD WIRED by JB Turner, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Ex-Delta Force operative Jon Reznick is top of the list of someone with a
grudge against his former unit, and whoever wants him dead is closing in

THE UNFORTUNATE ENGLISHMAN by John Lawton, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Joe Wilderness is in a West Berlin jail after having unintentionally shot a
woman whom he was trying to smuggle to the West. Just when it seems that he
is going to be there for a long time, his father-in-law, a senior member of
MI5, comes to his rescue - but it is at a price.

AN HONEST MAN by Simon Michael, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Driving in the desert late at night, Dr Eitan Green hits and kills Asum, an
Eritrean immigrant. Asum’s wife Sirkit finds Eitan’s wallet at the scene
and pressures him to make his medical skills available to those in need.
BETWEEN THE CROSSES by Matthew Frank, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

DC Joseph Stark, war-hero-turned-copper, is unconvinced a double murder is
a botched up burglary.

TALL OAKS by Chris Whitaker, reviewed by Chris Roberts

A small American town gains notoriety when three-year-old Harry is
abducted. His mother Jess is devastated, but others have problems too.

THE ACCIDENTAL AGENT by Andrew Rosenheim, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

James Nessheim, having resigned from the FBI, is now studying law at
university. His former boss, Assistant Director Harry Guttman, asks him to
go under cover and establish whether a Nazi spy has managed to infiltrate
the Chicago team working on the first atom bomb.

A SPRING BETRAYAL by Tom Callaghan, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Exiled to remote Karakol, Inspector Akyl Borubaev of the Bishkek Murder
Squad becomes involved when the bodies of seven small children are found
together, all bearing wristbands from a Kyrgyzstan orphanage.

CUCKOLD POINT by Patrick Easter, reviewed by John Cleal

River policeman Tom Pascoe tries to track down a consignment of stolen silk
and becomes involved with brutal criminals and international espionage in a
case which threatens his life, his family and his country.

THE STROKE OF DEATH by Jessica Mann, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Tamara Hoyland is left to deal with the aftermath of her father-in-law’s
death, and the return of the black sheep of the family, her grasping

BROKEN HEART by Tim Weaver, reviewed by Jim Beaman

A woman drives to a secluded beauty spot and disappears. Her sister calls
in missing persons’ investigator David Raker. For him the mystery of where
she went is only the start.

FALLING SUNS by JA Corrigan, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Rachel has given up her job as detective inspector to raise her son. Her
son is murdered and Rachel’s cousin is convicted for his murder and placed
in a secure psychiatric unit. When it becomes clear that he is likely to be
freed, Rachel is driven into a determined and elaborate plan for revenge.

ENDGAME by Chris Ryan, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Teenage agent Zach Darke has to go up against an old adversary to save the
life of two friends.

KILL ME TWICE by Anna Smith, reviewed by John Cleal

Reporter Rosie Gilmour investigates a trail of abuse and murder from the
sink estates of Glasgow to the corridors of Westminster.

DEAD GROUND IN BETWEEN by Maureen Jennings, reviewed by Chris Roberts

On a cold winter’s night in late 1942, an old farmer goes missing and is
later discovered, stabbed, in a secret bunker. Detective Inspector Tom
Tyler investigates.

DARK FORCES by Stephen Leather, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Spider Shepherd has to infiltrate a dangerous criminal organisation as well
as help to counter attacks by IS terrorists.

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