Sunday, November 13, 2016

YouCaring: Memorial for Dave Nunn Jr (Son of PJ Nunn)

Many of you know PJ Nunn, owner of Breakthrough Promotions. Her son, David, tragically passed away on Friday after a long battle against many medical issues.Now, along with their grief, the family is faced with medical bills and funeral costs. If you can help, please do so. Also, please take a moment and share this post so that others are aware and can help if they are able to do so.

From the YouCaring donation page.....

Most of you know David Nunn Jr has been fighting serious medical issues that began in 2011 with a bad staph infection that cost him his right leg and caused his lungs to fail. He's been a fighter, persistently overcoming obstacles and surprising his doctors. But this week he faced his final battle and breathed his last breath Friday afternoon,  November 11th. Unfortunately, due to his age and the chronic medical issues,  he didn't have life insurance and his family is now faced with enormous funeral costs and outstanding medical bills.  We would really appreciate any donations to help them cover these expenses. The funeral is Friday, November 18th and funeral costs must be paid by noon on Thursday. Thank you,  in advance for any help and support.

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