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Review: Mystery Weekly Magazine: April 2018

Mystery Weekly Magazine: April 2018 opens with the western tale,  “The Gunfighters” by Michael Cebula. Like most really good westerns there is a strong mystery element at work. In this case the mystery is the events that led up to the just concluded gun fight. This tale also inspired the intriguing cover art for the issue.

Legalizing marijuana was a business opportunity for many folks including Burt Booker. A former community college teacher, Bart Booker put all of the family savings into creating a grow room behind their rented house after marijuana became legal in California.  He hit pay dirt---literally --- and has evolved his business into a store front operation. He knows he has done all the paperwork and everything should be fine even with a compliance visit by Detective Sandy Swift of the LAPD Narcotics division. She has far more than legal compliance on her mind in “Smokin Hot Cash” by David M. Hamlin.

The new neighbor is a problem in “Kindness” by Tom Hallman, Jr. The house across the street is no longer the Anderson’s place. The entire neighborhood is suffering for that. Something needs to be done.

Readers are next taken to a place that was once filled with the horrors of death and destruction and these days stands as a calm symbol of peace and tranquility. A peaceful place just marred by the cry of terror that William just heard just heard somewhere in the area surrounding the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. It is very early on this August morning in “The Cry” by M. H. Callway and William knows what he heard. At least, what he thinks he heard as “Lately sounds conspired against him.”

In a tale with origins that that will be familiar to many of us, Gregory Cioffi explores the reality of publishing today in “The Wrath of a Writer Wronged.” Karma is something. To say more, other than the fact no reviewer was implicated or injured in this tale, would create spoilers for this enjoyable read.

Mr. Hutchins has now really gone and done it while staying at the Shady Pines Motor Lodge. Hopefully, the crime was worth it in “The Price of Friendship” by Mike Murphy.

As happens in each issue, a new “You-Solve-It” as well as the answer to the “You-Solve-It” for the previous issue closes out the current issue.

In this case, Laird Long offers “Cash Out” for the current puzzle. Wendi has finally arrived at Brad’s apartment so poker night can finally get underway. There is money to be had and everybody involved needs the money in a desperate way.

The solution to the “You-Solve-It” puzzle for March 2018 titled “Mimic To A Crime” by Rhonda Howard brings things to a close.

Mystery Weekly Magazine: April 2018 features several very good tales of complicated characters doing the best they can to deal with the reality of difficult situations. Average folks just doing the level best they can in their lives. While the settings of the tales vary, the complexity of the characters and their situations make for some compelling mystery reading.

Mystery Weekly Magazine: April 2018
March 30, 2018
eBook (also available in print)
92 Pages

For quite some time now I have been gifted a subscription by the publisher with no expectation at all of a review. I now read and review each issue as I can. To date, I have never submitted anything to this market and will not do so as long as I review the publication.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2018

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