Monday, August 01, 2011

Sandi Monday Night

First thank you one and all that have commented here or sent e-mail to me with your prayers, support, good wishes, etc. They are much, much appreciated.

I just got back home from the hospital as the patient is in a seriously foul mood and bit my head off in between throwing up episodes. She thinks she has been in there four days (no) that somebody dropped her off (no) that I had not been there before tonight (no), that they left food sitting out for twelve hours for her to then eat it (no), that she had an MRI yesterday afternoon at 4:30 (no), etc. According to the nurse she has not had her MRI yet because she keeps throwing up despite the nausea meds. They are now running some sort of potassium/magnesium drip into her because her levels are very low and that could be causing the headaches and nausea issues. If that helps, they will try to do the MRI around midnight as they really want to get it done asap.

She was arguing with me so much, I stopped talking and just sat there while she continued to argue other stuff.  Her heart and bp monitors started tripping off so a nurse came in and reset everything. After a couple of minutes of happy talk, she asked me to come out in the hall where she explained that maybe it would be best if I went home because Mrs. Tipple's being super argumentative with everyone and they don't know whether that is the meds or what that is causing it. Either way, it would be best for me to go as they were trying to leave her alone as  much as they could so that she would calm down.

It took the poor tech lady doing her blood pressure twenty minutes to get a reading because Sandi would not stop moving and fussing.

So, at this point, things have not improved at all. Hopefully, by tomorrow, things will start getting better.


Unknown said...

This has to be tough on everybody, and we'll be thinking of you.

Jonathan E. Quist said...

Sandi, you and the rest of the family are in my prayers.

My mom raised me to take a "fix it" approach to crises. Usually with food, which explains the eating disorder. I'm too far away to bring mac & cheese or lasagna, and darned near any "profound" words I could say would sound like a damned poor joke... so just know you're in our thoughts. I think I can pretty much speak for everyone on that count.

Pat R. said...

I experienced some of the same attitude when my sister would have a trip to the hospital. Hang in there!