Thursday, August 04, 2011

TEE, Sandi and her stroke

A long day but we got some good news today. They did the TEE deal which consists of running a camera on a line down the throat into the esophagus. The camera sends out sound waves that paint a picture of the backside of the heart and the area around it so the docs can check and see if something is happening that could generate clots. In Sandi's case, she was given the all clear as her heart is functioning correctly and not throwing clots off into her brain.

So, while the clots happened, they did not come from her heart. Where they came from is a bit of an open question.

Sandi could be one of those people who just form clots. Blood thinners would help prevent that, but long term use of them have risks because of her other medical issues.

The clots could have formed because her blood pressure got too high. She has been taking her meds, but with the heat, the stress of various things here, etc. there may need to be a medication change. She was checking her BP routinely on our home monitor and things were okay until last weekend.

Her spirits are good, she is alert, stable blood pressure and diabetes wise, and seemingly back to normal. I'm worried since we still don't know the "why" of all this, but she seems okay with not knowing the exact reason. She just wants to get released and come home. On that score, we agree.



Unknown said...

Big sigh of relief. Glad to hear this good news.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Happy to hear of the improvement. Hope for continuing good news.