Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Need Your Help

As embarrassing as it is, we truly need your help. As you can see by the donation widget over to the left we are coming up short this month.  Please know that we are not asking for anything to deal with the CITIBANK/ALLEN ADKINS & ASSOCIATES lawsuit (going to court tomorrow so come see me if you are in the neighborhood), getting my car fixed, or anything beyond the bare minimum to hang in here another month.

This is just for the rent, keep the local phone service on so we have access to the internet, and pay for Sandi’s insurance so that she can continue to get her cancer treatment and meds without interruption along with a couple of other things. The insurance statements are now coming through¸ both for her hospitalization back in November, and what has been going on since then with the chemo. Baylor Regional Medical Center of Plano is STILL trying to figure out whether they can grant charity on the five thousand they and insurance have determined to be our share from her November hospitalization. Not to mention the three thousand they have determined to be our share from her strokes and hospitalization back in July.

Our primary focus, obviously, is the situation with the cancer treatment. One round of chemo is billed to insurance at approximately 18k. We are not sure what our share of that is going to be just yet. Insurance keeps stopping the processing of a bill to ask for yet more information. Or, they recalculate the bill and then two days later send another statement that replaces the first one and recalculates things a different way. Everyone involved here at the doctor is very much working with us on the issue while focusing on trying to save Sandi’s life. Her next deal is a PET SCAN on Friday morning to see what is happening in her. Considering what the chemo has done to her and continues to do, that stuff better be doing something to her cancers. The possibility it has done nothing is unacceptable and unthinkable.

Please know that we are not wasting your donations. We are only doing what we absolutely have to in order to hold things together here as long as we can. We are truly grateful for your help and it means so much to all of us.

Thank you.



Kate Thornton said...

You know you can always count on me. Love, Kate

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I know, but I also know, you shouldn't do anything, Kate.