Saturday, May 12, 2012

Food Bank Saturday

A big time thank you once again to the  SEVEN LOAVES ministry (food bank) in Plano for being there for us again this month. Much, much appreciated by all of us.



Caroline Clemmons said...

Kevin, Remember that I had thryroid cancer and am doing fine now. It is the least serious of all cancers and most easily treated. So, if Sandi's thyroid is cancerous, there is still much to be optimistic about. She needs to get it out asap, of course, and NEVER massage her neck area! You are still in my prayers each day. I will update my church prayer group to keep her in those prayers.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

From what we understand at this point it could be something much more serious than thyroid cancer and that would be bad enough on top of all the other cancer stuff she has been dealing with since November.

Thank you, Caroline. Means a lot.