Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Thyroid Biopsy--DONE

The thyroid biopsy is done and was very hard on her. Unfortunately it was not the simple procedure so many others have experienced. Unknown to us Sandi's thyroid is much deeper in her neck than most people. Not only was that an issue, she also has some sort of cartilage across the area acting as a wall between her thyroid and the rest of her neck. This had to be punched through to get at her thyroid.

Those two complicating factors meant they had to use a much longer needle than normal. Once they got to the thyroid they then discovered to their surprise that Sandi has calcium deposits all over her thyroid. Like everything else with us, this is rare and a difficulty that had to be dealt with by working the needed back and forth. Not only did that cause a lot of pain for her, but Sandi could hear and feel it every time the needle scrapped against a calcium deposit.

They took five samples for testing. At this point we have no idea when the results will be back. Having taken a pain pill, Sandi is now in bed and asleep with an ice pack on her throat.We are supposed to watch for swelling and theoretically it should be minor.

The good thing is it is over and now yet another waiting period begins......


Caroline Clemmons said...

You are too young to know who Al Capp and his cartoon Little Abner, but there was a guy in the cartoon strip named Joe Bfky who had this black cloud over his head all the time. No matter how sunny and calm for everyone else, he had trouble. I think you guys are like that. Bless you and your family!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I'm 50 and remember reading the cartoon in the Dallas Times Herald back when this was a two newspaper town. So, yes, I know who you are talking about and feel it.