Friday, July 25, 2014

Back Home

Back home and the news was pretty much the usual--some things went up a little and others went down a little. Because Sandi's blood sugars are way to high and she seems to be breathing okay, they have decided that it is time to try again to cut back her steroids a bit. I'm very worried about this as each time it has been done it has massively backfired and she has been forced to go back on steroids to an even higher dose.

Having played this cutback game four or five times now the idea of trying again very much worries me. At the same time, the steroids have massive consequences long term and the blood sugars deal is just one small part of that. We do know the early warning signs of worsening breathing issues from the pneumonitis so if  that starts happening again we will be talking to them asap.

Assuming everything remains stable her next appointment down at Texas Oncology will be in a month and will be for another blood work/ doc/ IVIG infusion.

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