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RTE Update---Second Summer Issue (July) of RTE

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Fifteen new crime fiction reviews in the second summer issue of  RTE:


Julie Hyzy in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

TITLE                    AUTHOR                REVIEWER

ELIZABETH IS MISSING    Emma Healey        Yvonne Klein       
A woman fast declining into dementia tries hard to solve the mystery of what happened to her elder sister sixty years ago.

THE FARM    Tom Rob Smith    Sharon Mensing   
Daniel is caught between his parents as his mother insists his father is part of a criminal ring while his father insists his mother his mad.

THE SON    Jo Nesbø    Barbara Fister       
An imprisoned young addict takes on responsibility for others' crimes in exchange for drugs until he learns a secret that leads him to escape and avenge his father's death.

THE WAYS OF THE DEAD    Neely Tucker    Jim Napier   
When the daughter of a Federal Court judge is found murdered, the police are anxious for a quick result.  They arrest three suspects, but journalist Sully Carter thinks the death is part of a larger pattern of killings, and his own investigation will jeopardize important players among Washington's political elite.

NO STONE UNTURNED    James W. Ziskin    Ben Neal   
Ellie Stone investigates the death of the daughter of the town judge.

OVERWATCH     Marc Guggenheim    Christine Zibas       
A young CIA lawyer uncovers a dangerous worldwide conspiracy, masterminded by forces within the US intelligence community.

THE SPLINTERED PADDLE     Mark Troy     Cathy Downs   
While Ava Rome seeks the abuser of a sex worker and keeps a troubled teen away from drugs, a man she imprisoned twelve years ago has become a serial killer, and he has moved into an apartment across the street from Ava's home.

COLDSLEEP LULLABY    Andrew Brown    Meredith Frazier   
Detective Eberard Februarie searches for the murderer of Melanie du Preez, delving into race relations, drugs, prostitution, and his own demons along the way, while, in a separate story line, events of South Africa's history add layers of tension that continue to affect present-day characters' decisions and perspectives.

COP TOWN    Karin Slaughter        Yvonne Klein       
Atlanta 1974 and veteran white policemen are still having a hard time adjusting to the new realities of the post-Civil Rights Act period, let alone women's rights. Meanwhile, a serial killer is targeting policemen.

FATAL ENQUIRY    Will Thomas        Cathy Downs       
When a man from Cyrus Barker's youth arrives from the East, bodies begin collecting at an alarming rate.

THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP    Alex Grecian    Donna Allard Halford   
Alex Grecian's THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP is a crime novel that combines the elements of an early police procedural with the macabre philosophy of a fictional Jack the Ripper in late Victorian London.

I AM PILGRIM    Terry Hayes        Anne Corey       
A mysterious person is planning a catastrophic attack on America and only one man, an-ex special forces individual with a cover so deep even he does not know who he is, has a chance of stopping him.

TAILING A TABBY    Laurie Cass    PJ Coldren           
Minnie Hamilton, mild-mannered librarian, tracks down the man who killed a fan of one of her favorite artists

Lori Shepherd's little village is coming apart and she desperately needs to find out who the culprit is and make it all stop.

THE LONG SHADOW (Audio)    Liza Markland    Caryn St Clair    
The murder of an entire family living in the Swedish community on Costa del Sol in Spain brings  Annika to the Sun Coast to investigate.

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