Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Before You Query

While you are welcome to query, I remain pretty much closed to review requests at this time. I am still making the occasional exception for authors I have read and enjoyed before, and will make exceptions on a case by case basis for books that directly relate to my review column at Senior News.  The main way to be considered for my Senior News column is to be either currently living in Texas or having written a novel where the setting is here in Texas.

My refusal to accept your book for review is not a reflection of you, your talents as an author, or of the book,  or your mode of publication. It truly is not about you at all.

“Kevin’s Corner” is not a paid review site. I am just one guy doing the level best that he can for as long as he can.  I remain buried with several hundred books going back years. That fact, and the very difficult situations with my own worsening health issues and Sandi's terminal cancer, mean that just isn't possible for me to accept still more books beyond what I already have here.

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