Sunday, July 06, 2014

Via Prose&Cons: Amazing Author, Horrible Person

 On one of the many lists I am on there has been a discussion in recent days of whether or not readers want to know stuff about the author's personal life. Many have expressed a desire to know everything though there have been a few of us who have expressed the idea that all we care about is the book. We don't want to know and yet maybe some times we should. I had no idea about this issue and certainly would have quit reading Bradley if I had know this at the time.

Prose&Cons: Amazing Author, Horrible Person: Walter Breen wrote under the pen name J.Z. Eglinton in his book defending pedophilia. Despite being dead now for fifteen years, Marion ...

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tapirgal said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I'm all for knowing so we can decide. I'm all for knowing anyway. Sometimes it's just interesting. There are authors who are quirky and weird, or somewhat bad, or you don't agree with them. Then there are the really bad people, truly criminal. Seems a couple more have come to light.