Friday, February 13, 2015


Just got home from the doctor. Things so far look good bloodwork wise. Next Tuesday she has bloodwork and a doctor visit.

The following week she will get chemotherapy on two days---schedule to be determined.

The week after that she will have bloodwork and a doctor visit.

Along the way she will get shots to try and maintain her white blood cell count--that schedule  to be determined.

Today's insurance stupidity with Aetna--- She is also on an ZOFRAN to fight chemo nausea. Insurance won't allow her to have thirty pills. Instead, she has to pay $4.00 for NINE PILLS at a time.


Unknown said...

Glad it's mostly good news. Fight the good fight.

Barry Ergang said...

*@%&% Aetna!

Carol N Wong said...

Very glad that her blood tests are good. That is stupid about the pills. Are they afraid that she might become addicted to anti-nausea pills? The reason I ask is that I received a letter many years ago that I may have to stop my antacid pills before I get dependent on them. My doctor was furious and wrote back that if I would die if I didn't have them.