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Crime Review Update--New issue of Crime Review

Happy new year, everyone!

In our new edition of Crime Review (www.crimereview.co.uk) this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Tammy Cohen in the Countdown interview hot
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This week’s reviews are:
AND SOMETIMES I WONDER ABOUT YOU by Walter Mosley, reviewed by Chris Roberts
PI Leonid McGill comes to the aid of the beautiful Marella on a train, who
proves to be suitably grateful. Meanwhile, he receives plenty of other new
calls on his services.

THE VOICES BEYOND by Johan Theorin, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Jonas is excited about summer on the island where his family run a holiday
resort. But when he encounters a terrifying ghost ship one night, only an
elderly islander wants to solve the mystery that threatens the calm and
peace of all visitors.

FRONT RUNNER by Felix Francis, reviewed by Fiona Spence
Jeff Hinkley is back, and investigating the racing scene again, but someone
is determined to see him dead.

TOXIC by Jamie Doward, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
The body of a man, headless and missing his hands, turns up on a deserted
beach at Dungeness in Kent. He is soon identified as an important banker,
but why he should have been murdered is a mystery.

SMALLER AND SMALLER CIRCLES by FH Batacan, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The poor who scavenge the Payatas dump in Manila don’t rate very highly
with law enforcement, so when the eviscerated bodies of boys begin to be
found it is a while before anyone sees a pattern.

A BED OF SCORPIONS by Judith Flanders, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Book editor Sam Clair finds herself embroiled in her cop boyfriend’s murder
case when an old friend from the art world is found dead.

EMPEROR’S SILVER by Nick Brown, reviewed by John Cleal
Roman investigator Cassius Corbulo, his bodyguard and Christian slave must
track down a gang of counterfeiters threatening the economic stability of
the Empire.

THE BANGKOK ASSET by John Burdett, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep of the Thai police is called to the scene
when a young girl is killed by extraordinary force. A message to Sonchai
has been left in blood on the mirror.

DEAD ON COURSE by Glenis Wilson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Jockey Harry Radcliffe is back in the saddle after serious injury – but he
soon finds himself embroiled with investigating the death of a gangster’s

TABULA RASA by Ruth Downie, reviewed by John Cleal
Legion doctor Gaius Ruso and his wife Tilla must solve the mystery of a
missing military clerk and a local boy to avoid threatened rebellion during
the building of Hadrian’s Wall.

SHARDS OF HOPE by Nalini Singh, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Arrow Squad leader Aden Kai has been kidnapped and his psychic abilities
are being blocked. The rest of the world doesn’t know if he’s alive or
dead, and the way things are looking, dead is going to be the most likely

THE PRICE OF BLOOD by Patricia Bracewell, reviewed by John Cleal
Queen Emma of Normandy, threatened by Viking invasions, a brutal and
unstable husband and enemies at court, struggles to defend both her
children and her crown.

ARSENIC FOR TEA by Robin Stevens, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are at Daisy’s home, Fallingford, for the school
holidays. When one of the guests is taken ill in mysterious circumstances,
the Wells and Wong Detective Society has its next case to investigate.

THE DEADLIEST SIN by the Medieval Murderers, reviewed by John Cleal
In the Murderers’ tribute to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, a group of
pilgrims on their way to Walsingham tell their stories of the Seven Deadly

ENDGAME by CJ Daugherty, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The struggle for control of Cimmeria Academy reaches an explosive climax.

AWAKEN by Meg Cabot, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The ferries that take the dead to their onward destinations have stopped
running and the souls of the dead are mounting up, with nowhere to go. It’s
up to 17-year-old Pierce Oliviera, the new consort of the Lord of the
Underworld, to restore order.

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