Monday, January 04, 2016

Monday With Kaye: "Down These Strange Streets" edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois (Reviewed by Kaye George)

We kickoff this first "Monday With Kaye" blog posts in 2016 with Kaye’s review of a fantasy anthology…..

Down These Strange Streets edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

An anthology of urban fantasy stories was something new for me, but I enjoyed them very much! There are lots of big names in this hardcover collection, including Charlaine Harris.

Although I hate to leave any out, there are too many stories to include all of them here, so I'll mention some that grabbed me especially hard.

In "It's Still the Same Old Story" by Carrie Vaughn (best known for her late night DJ werewolf) the vampires seemed so real to me,  I hated this tale of revenge and tender love to end.

These are tough times in "No Mystery, No Miracle" by Melinda M. Snodgrass. Not only a depression and prohibition, but a tear in the universe.

We're talking a special kind of semantics in M. L. N. Hanover's "The Difference Between a Puzzle and a Mystery."

In "The Curious Affair of the Deodand" (I had no idea what this was either) by Lisa Tuttle, her lovely, authentic period style brings us an unsolvable case, although the reader knows what happened.

Back to Rome with John Maddox Roberts' "Beware the Snake." Pompaedius has lost his sacred swamp adder and Decius Caecilius, though he doesn't take the loss seriously, is taxed with keeping the snake worshippers happy. The banter is something to behold--loved it!

Patricia Briggs, with "In Red, With Pearls," brings us a sexy werewolf. I hated to see this one end, too.

This is a huge volume, nearly five hundred pages, packed with wonderful, weird stories.

Reviewed by Kaye George, Author of Choke, for Suspense Magazine

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