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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with author Stephen Booth in the Countdown
interview hot seat.
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This week’s reviews are:
DIFFERENT CLASS by Joanne Harris, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Roy Straitley has been a Latin master at St Oswald’s for 30 years. When a
new head is appointed, Straitley is shocked to discover that he is an old
boy whom he had always distrusted.

FOOL ME ONCE by Harlan Coben, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Maya knows her husband is dead. She saw him killed. But when the hidden
camera she’s installed to keep her eye on the nanny shows him seemingly
still alive, she has to get at the truth, no matter what it costs.

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by James Lee Burke, reviewed by John Cleal
Texas Ranger Hackberry Holland struggles to be reunited with his estranged
son, but his efforts are imperilled by the possession of a precious
artefact he stole during the Mexican revolution.

MAINLANDER by Will Smith, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Young teacher Colin Bygate sees his student just about to throw himself
into the sea – but the search for the boy only aggravates Colin’s wife and
the community in Jersey.

TASTES LIKE FEAR by Sarah Hilary, reviewed by Linda Wilson
DI Marnie Rome and her team are on the look-out for two very different
missing teenagers.

BETTY BOO by Claudia Pineiro, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When Pedro Chazaretta is found with his throat cut and the knife in his
hand, some say suicide and some say murder – his wife died the same way and
Chazaretta may have had a hand in it.

ON THE BONE by Barbara Nadel, reviewed by John Cleal
A man collapses and dies on a busy street. His stomach contains human
flesh. Inspector Cetin Ikmen and his squad must unravel the mystery.

SAINT ODD by Dean Koontz, reviewed by Maddy Marsh
Odd Thomas has returned to his home town of Pico Mundo, where the carnival
is back and with it the Gypsy Mummy. Now another attack on the town is
imminent, and Odd plans to stop it.

LAST DAYS OF THE CONDOR by James Grady, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When the silver-haired spy codenamed Condor arrives home to find another
agent skewered to his fireplace, he needs to go on the run to find out who
has set him up, and why.

DUST TO DUST by Margaret Duffy, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
National Crime Agency boss Richard Daws is murdered in his supposedly
secure Kent castle. Patrick Gillard and Ingrid Langley are determined to
track down his killer.

DODGERS by Bill Beverly, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When a police raid shuts down a crack house, young lookout East is sent on
a trip out of LA for the first time in his life, a voyage of self-discovery.

ENDANGERED by CJ Box, reviewed by John Cleal
Game warden Joe Pickett takes the law into his own hands when his adopted
daughter is beaten close to death and his main suspect has an unshakeable

I KNOW WHO DID IT by Steve Mosby, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When a woman turns up claiming to be someone who died in a car accident,
detective Mark Nelson has to untangle the present from the past.

A FATAL FREEDOM by Janet Laurence, reviewed by John Cleal
Would-be PI Ursula Grandison and her friend and former detective Thomas
Jackman face a maze of blackmail and murder as they track a clever and
ruthless killer.

THE DARKEST HEART by Dan Smith, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Zico is a man for whom killing has become a way of life, so the demand that
he kill a nun should pose no problems. But something is telling him that
the job is not as straightforward as it looks.

MOTH GIRLS by Anne Cassidy, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Five years ago, Petra and Tina disappeared. Now their friend Mandy has to
face up to the part she played in events.

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