Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Renewing Our Lease

As those who follow me on Facebook already know,  a couple of days before Memorial day we were informed by our landlord that when our year lease expires in mid August they intended to raise our rent yet again. We have quite a housing bubble here in the DFW area and they are reflecting that trend. If we committed to another year here they would only raise us $75. Shorter terms meant an increase anywhere from $150 to several hundred bucks for the shortest term of a couple of months

With fees and such they charge this means our rent will be a few dollars short of $1600 a month.

If you combine our Social Security Disability checks we are in the hole $100 on the new rent scale before we do anything like have power, etc, etc.

Spending time online quickly indicated that our complex was on the low end of what was being charged in the areas that mattered most. If we were going to move we had to either get closer to UTD to help Scott or near either my elderly Mom in Dallas or near Medical City Dallas Hospital because of Sandi's ongoing cancer treatment.  It simply wasn't possible.

I talked to the leasing agent multiple times who finally informed me yesterday that both he and the property manager went to bat for us with the corporate bigwigs and got nowhere. They refused to back down on the increase at all despite knowing our situation from Sandi's cancer all the way to the fact that we have lived here since 1987.  The ownership that took over two years ago is about the bottom line and nothing else which is why they have so many vacancies. Those that had money and could move have done so and continue to do so.

Beyond the fact we literally have nothing in the bank, let alone money for moving costs, security deposits and the like (not to mention the fact we are behind on the utility bills as it is), there is the simple fact that both Sandi and I are far too sick to move. Trying to pack and move would be a daunting task for anyone. Between what is going on with me and her cancer deal (no word still from the radiation doc) it just is too much.

So, with great reluctance we signed all of the renewal documents today and turned them in around 4:30. I hated every minute of it. But, we had no choice. No funds and far too sick to deal with moving so we are now committed to being here until mid August 2017. In a weird twisted way it is a bit of a relief as the deed is done and can't be changed or worried about anymore. The stress of this over the past ten days or so has made my insomnia way worse than the usual nightmare it is week in and week out. Whether that contributed to a recent spate of falls I have had in recent days I have no idea.

How we will pay for this new lease with everything else also going up and no money I have no idea. We aren't making it as it is. I see no prospects for anything to change.

Sandi says to keep the faith and things will work out. Easier said than done.


Reine said...

At least that stress is off. People, though... I really don't understand what it takes to be that greedy. You seem to have a steady head despite all the bad. That helps me, whenever I can focus. I wish you the very best. You all deserve it.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Reine. You folks too.