Monday, November 07, 2016

Guest Reviewer Larry W. Chavis: FIFTY MYSTERIES: The Angela Files by John M. Floyd

After recently reviewing Blood on the Bayou: Bouchercon Anthology 2016 Larry Chavis is back today with his review of FIFTY MYSTERIES: The Angela Files by John M. Floyd.

Never Underestimate Your Teacher...

John M. Floyd is a master of short stories, having published more than a thousand in such venues as ALFRED HITCHCOCK MYSTERY MAGAZINE, ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE, THE STRAND, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, and many more. The magazine WOMAN'S WORLD has a weekly mini-mystery feature, and Mr. Floyd's name will be familiar to its readers, as he is a regular contributor. Many of his WW stories feature Sheriff Charles Taylor "Chunky" Jones, and his former fifth grade teacher, Ms. Angela Potts. Reliable (but less than brilliant) Sheriff Jones is the dubious beneficiary of Angela's sharp-eyed observations and assistance as they solve the remarkable number of crimes in their small Mississippi town.

The WOMAN'S WORLD format for these little stories is seven hundred words, with a cliff-hanger that allows the reader to solve the puzzle, before reading the author-supplied solution. Light-hearted, with humorous repartee between former teacher and mediocre student, this collection of little gems is an enjoyable and relaxing way to while away a few minutes or hours.

(Note: My copy of FIFTY MYSTERIES: The Angela Files was purchased at the 2016 Mississippi Book Festival, Jackson, MS.)

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Deciding at the advanced age of 44 to earn a physics degree to complement his theological degree, Larry enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi, where he spent three exciting, if exacting, years, accomplishing his goal with honors. Upon graduation, he entered the public education system, teaching physics, trigonometry, and calculus. Semi-retired now (although still teaching two classes), he has a bit more time to work on writing. Larry has had stories published in "Crime and Suspense Ezine," "Kings River Life Magazine," and the anthology, Ten for Ten, edited by Tony Burton. Larry lives in south-central Mississippi with his wife of 38 years and a severely spoiled Shih-tsu named Sammie.

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