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New Issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Nadia Dalbuono in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

INSIDIOUS INTENT by Val McDermid, reviewed by Linda Wilson

DCI Carol Hill and psychological profiler Tony Hill are up against a
forensically aware killer who is determined to stay one step ahead of them,
and is succeeding all too well.

SINCE WE FELL by Dennis Lehane, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Rachel has only a vague memory of a father who left home when she was
three, a desertion at the root of her vulnerability. She finds a man
prepared to accept her problems, only to discover he is not what he
purports to be.

CONFLICTS OF INTERST by Terry Stiastny, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Former journalist Lawrence Leith’s life in a French village is disrupted
when an old friend comes to visit.

THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS by Michael Robotham, reviewed by Kati BarrTaylor

When Meghan’s seemingly perfect life is revealed to be a tissue of lies,
the results are devastating.

THE ZEALOT’S BONES by David Mark, reviewed by John Cleal

A Canadian academic, seeking the bones of the apostle Simon the Zealot,
hires a discredited and psychologically damaged Afghan war hero as his
bodyguard. When a woman who briefly brought peace to the soldier’s troubled
mind is murdered, he sets out to bring her vengeance.

IQ by Joe Ede, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Asiah Quintabe, known as IQ, is presented with a testing puzzle when he is
asked to find out who is threatening rapper Calvin Wright, better known as
Black the Knife.

RHYMING RINGS by David Gemmell, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A serial killer is at work in west London. Young journalist Jeremy Miller
desperately wants to cover the story, and soon finds an unusual angle: a
woman who claims to be able to experience the victims’ dying moments.

THE STRANGER by Saskia Sarginson, reviewed by Sue Kelso Ryan

Ellie hasn’t been completely honest with her beloved husband Ed and now
it’s too late. Suddenly her past choices threaten to destroy her chances of

THE LAST NIGHT AT TREMORE BEACH by Mikel Santiago, reviewed by Kate Balfour

A successful musician, wounded by a recent divorce, seeks inspiration and
renewal on the wild north west coast of Ireland.  He is, literally, struck
by lightning and starts to have nightmare visions which foretell horror for
him, his friends and his family.

THE HOURS BEFORE DAWN by Celia Fremlin, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Stressed suburban wife and mother Louise is grateful that their new lodger
is quiet and educated, seemingly the perfect houseguest. But appearances
can be deceptive.

SOULS OF AIR by Mons Kallentoft, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Malin Fors, Linköping’s top detective, deals with a matter too close for
comfort – her daughter Tove has discovered the dead body of one of the
residents at the care home where she works.

FATAL CROSSING by Lone Theils, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Journalist Nora Sand discovers that a decades-old cold case concerning two
missing girls is about to become too hot to handle.

DYING TO LIVE by Michael Stanley, reviewed by Chris Roberts

A dead bushman is only the first of a series of deaths brought to the
attention of Assistant Superintendent ‘Kubu’ Bengu and Detective Samantha

COPYCAT by Alex Lake, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler

Sarah Havenant has a good job and a family – but this starts to crumble
when a friend points out that there are two Facebook pages out there with
her name on.

TIME TO WIN by Harry Brett, reviewed by John Cleal

When local crime boss Rich Goodwin is pulled from the river, it looks like
suicide. But Goodwin had many enemies and as his widow Tatiana struggles to
take over his business, she quickly learns that power comes at a price.

THE RIVIERA EXPRESS by TP Fielden, reviewed by Anthea Hawdon

The death of one person in a small Devonshire seaside town could be
misfortune. Two the same day convinces reporter Judy Dimont that something
is going on.

STRANGE MAGIC by Syd Moore, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Rosie Strange has inherited the Essex Witch Museum from her estranged
grandfather. She doesn't want it and is determined to sell it, but her
first visit catapults her into the hunt for the bones of a buried witch, a
crusade to save the life of a young boy and the uncovering of satanic

THE WYCHFORD POISONING CASE by Anthony Berkeley, reviewed by John Cleal

French-born Mrs Jacqueline Bentley is to hang for the poisoning of her
husband. Novelist, amateur criminologist and psychological detective Roger
Sheringham sets out to prove even her own lawyers wrong and unmask the real

I AM TRAITOR by Sif Sigmarsdottir, reviewed by Linda Wilson

The alien invaders have already taken Amy Sullivan’s brother and her best
friend. Now they’re coming for her.

CONTAGION by Teri Terry, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Eleven-year-old Callie Tanzer disappeared a year ago. Shay is the last
person to have seen her alive. While a mysterious flu epidemic sweeps
across Scotland, Shay and Callie’s older brother Kai continue the search
for the missing girl.

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