Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Chemo Round 3-- Day 5

We are finally home after running lots of errands and spending time at the hospital with Sandi. Things continue to chug along okay after they had to move her to a different room Sunday evening and the electrical problem. Whatever was wrong that caused the all the lights to lock on has been apparently fixed as they have a new patient in that room.

Sandi continues to get more chemo today. Chemo should finish tomorrow about mid day. Assuming she does not get yet more blood, the current plan is to release her late tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday afternoon we have to be back at the doctor for blood work, an office visit, and one of those shots she hates. The patch you see advertised everywhere on television is not something they use as the delivery is erratic at best. For Sandi and her issues, there is no way she can have it. So, we go in, she has the shot and then for the next 48 hours she gets sick and sleeps a lot.


Jerry House said...

Once this nightmare is over, please consider entering Sandi in MMA contests because I'd put money on her. That woman is tough!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

lol......I could do a decent job promoting her for fights.