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Crime Review Update: New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Paul Hardisty in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

RIVERS OF LONDON: WATER WEED by Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch,
reviewed by Linda Wilson

Drug dealing on the River Thames takes on an added dimension when a pair of
river goddesses get involved.

THE STONE CIRCLE by Elly Griffiths, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler

Archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson encounter some unwelcome echoes from the past when bones are discovered on an ancient Norfolk site.

THE WANDERER by Michael Ridpath, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Magnus Jonson is an American Icelander newly returned to the Reykjavik police force. He’s called to investigate the murder of a young Italian tourist found at a sacred church in northern Iceland.

MAIGRET AND THE GOOD PEOPLE OF MONTPARNASSE by George Simenon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

René Josselin is a retired businessman living a comfortable life and generally regarded as a good man. It comes as a great shock when he is found one evening shot dead in his armchair.

BLACK LILY by Philippa Stockley, reviewed by John Cleal

Two strong women, one black, one white, fight to survive amid the depravity, prejudice and constraints of Jacobean London.

BAIT, GRIST & SECURITY by Mike Hodges, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Three novellas combined in a single volume give a very penetrating examination of the worlds of book writers, the cinema, and personal improvement courses.

SMOKING KILLS by Antoine Laurain, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Fabrice Valentine’s new relationship with cigarettes is about to make him a killer.

HOW IT HAPPENED by Michael Koryta, reviewed by Linda Wilson

FBI agent Rob Barrett is brought in to help interview a woman who has confessed to being involved with the disappearance and murder of a woman and her boyfriend. Everyone else thinks she’s an attention-seeking liar, but Barrett believes her – and stakes his career on his judgment.

FATAL INHERITANCE by Rachel Rhys, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Eve Forrester feels herself ensnared in a loveless marriage. She sees no way out of it and is resigned to living in a gloomy house, with no friends to brighten her existence. A letter from a firm of solicitors brings unexpected changes.

OVERKILL by Vanda Symon, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Sam Shepard, the only policewoman in the small rural town of Mataura, New Zealand, investigates the death of a young mother. Apparent suicide was in fact a murder, and the victim was married to Sam’s ex-boyfriend. Sam finds herself the main suspect and suspended from duty but decides to find the killer anyway and clear her name.

UNDER THE ICE by Rachael Blok, reviewed by John Cleal

A girl’s body is found in a frozen lake. As the police investigation struggles, neighbours in a close-knit community turn against each other – and a young mother’s strange visions may hold the key.

THE FRENCH GIRL by Lexie Elliott, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

When they find a girl’s body ten years after she disappeared, Kate Channing’s memories and friendships unravel in a dark place.

THE JANUS RUN by Douglas Skelton, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Coleman Lang awakes to find his girlfriend dead on the bed next to him. When autopsy results show she has been murdered, the police like him for the crime.

A LETHAL FROST by Danny Miller, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When a local bookmaker is shot in the head and seriously injured, Denton copper DI Jack Frost is under pressure from his boss to find the culprit as well as having to pacify his landlords by tracking down an escaped parrot.

RUSSIAN ROULETTE by Sara Sheridan, reviewed by John Cleal

Upper-class debt collector and amateur detective Mirabelle Bevan becomes involved with a brutal murder and must cut through an iron curtain of call girls and high stakes gambling to find the truth.

BABY’S FIRST FELONY by John Straley, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Criminal defence investigator Cecil Younger’s favour for a client gets him into bad trouble. And when his daughter is kidnapped, he has to take extraordinary measures.

A CLEAN CANVAS by Elizabeth Mundy, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When a valuable painting goes missing from a London gallery, suspicion falls on Lena’s cousin Sarika, but Lena is determined to clear her name and find the real culprit.

GUNMETAL GRAY by Mark Greaney, reviewed by John Cleal

Court Gentry is back with the CIA and his first mission is to find a defecting Chinese cyber-expert and bring him or his knowledge back to the US.

DIRTY JOHN AND OTHER TRUE STORIES OF OUTLAWS AND OUTSIDERS by Christopher Goffard, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Fifteen true stories from a Los Angeles Times staff writer sympathetically exploring the lives of people whose experience has been touched by crime or stress.

THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED by Kody Keplinger, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Three years ago, a massacre at Virgil County High School left six traumatised teens struggling to make sense of what happened. Now survivor Lee Bauer wants the truth to be told. But the truth is not always welcomed with open arms.

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