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Crime Review Update: New issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author David Young in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

THE BORDER by Don Winslow, reviewed by Chris Roberts

While a battle for control of the drugs trade rages in Mexico, a man comes to head the DEA in Washington determined to combat the drug cash that’s buying influence at US government level.

A CAPITOL DEATH by Lindsey Davis, reviewed by John Cleal

Informer Flavia Albia must discover how an unpopular overseer met a death that threatens the triumphal procession of the Emperor Domitian.

IN BLOOM by CJ Skuse, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

No one has ever stopped Rhiannon killing the lowlifes before. But a little voice inside her says things are about to change.

SHADOWS OF ATHENS by JM Alvey, reviewed by Linda Wilson

When aspiring Athenian playwright Philocles finds a murder victim on his doorstep, he hopes it’s nothing personal, but events soon prove otherwise.

KILL FOR ME by Tom Wood, reviewed by John Cleal

Killer-for-hire Victor is hired by a drugs cartel boss to kill her own sister who she is fighting for control of their dead father’s multi-billion empire.

JUDGMENT by Joseph Finder, reviewed by Chris Roberts

A rare departure from her normal correct behaviour renders Judge Juliana Brody vulnerable to blackmail. To defeat her adversary, she will need to be as ruthless as they are.

PALM BEACH FINLAND by Antti Tuomainen, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Top undercover detective Jan Nyman travels from Helsinki to a newly established holiday resort, Palm Beach Finland, to investigate a murder and the main suspect Olivia Koski in whose house the victim was found.

THE RIGHTEOUS SPY by Merle Nygate, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

The Israeli Intelligence Services know that MI6 has information they need and devise an intricate plot to persuade them to part with it. It involves a young woman from Gaza, but what part, precisely, is she going to play?

THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper, reviewed by Chris Roberts

The death of Australian outback farmer Cameron Bright brings his estranged brother Nathan back to the family home, where there are plenty of unresolved conflicts.

FALLEN ANGEL by Chris Brookmyre, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Amanda has nothing to do with the Temple family, but she is about to uncover their secret, with devastating consequences.

AFTERSHOCK by Adam Hamdy, reviewed by John Cleal

Met detective Patrick Bailey, FBI agent Christine Ash and photographer John Wallace are reunited in the final battle against an evil organisation.

THE NEW ACHILLES by Christian Cameron, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Former soldier Alexanor is now a healer priest in the sanctuary of Epidaurus in ancient Greece, but when the brutal reality of war ends up on his doorstep, his fate becomes bound up with the man who will become dubbed the new Achilles.

THE BELTING INHERITANCE by Julian Symons, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

The owner of Belting, Lady Wainwright, had four sons, the eldest two of whom, Hugh and David, were reported killed in World War II. However, one day a car arrives at Belting and a man gets out, claiming to be David.

ALL THIS I WILL GIVE TO YOU by Dolores Redondo, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Novelist Manuel Ortigosa is devastated when his husband Alvaro is killed in a car accident, and astounded when he finds Alvaro is a marquis from a wealthy family.

ONLY CHILD by Rhiannon Nevin, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

Six-year-old Zach is safe, but the gunman outside his classroom is about to destroy his life.

THE CORSET by Laura Purcell, reviewed by John Cleal

Prison visitor Dorothea Truelove hears a chilling story of brutality and the supernatural from a young seamstress accused of murder.

GALLOWSTREE LANE by Kate London, reviewed by Linda Wilson

The death of a young gang member sparks off an investigation that threatens to collide with a long-running covert operation.

FOG ISLAND by Mariette Lindstein, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Sofia accepts an offer of employment at a mysterious New Age movement. She’s excited about creating a library at its headquarters on an isolated island but gradually becomes aware how impossible is to leave the cult.

Adeane, reviewed by Kim Fleet

How the disappearance of two men in Iceland in 1974 still reverberates today

THIS LIE WILL KILL YOU by Chelsea Pitcher, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Five teens are invited to a murder-mystery evening at an old house. The prize for the one who solves the puzzle is a valuable scholarship. They all want it, but none of them expects to have to contend with the mysterious Ringmaster.

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