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Review: Mulholland Dive: Three Stories by Michael Connelly

Mulholland Dive: Three Stories by Michael Connelly is a collection of three entertaining stories set on Mulholland in Los Angeles. Each story is complicated and violent in its own way. Each story is from a different time period. Yet, they all share the same idea that greed kills and does so violently. The only question is the how and when.

The read begins with “Cahoots” where clearly the poker game is rigged. McMillan is in a pork pie hat and has a braying laugh that he should die for just on its own. The cheating makes it worse. The narrator is getting very fed up with the laugh, the attitude, and the cheating. The narrator has a life philosophy where he believes in always taking back far more than what has been taken from him.

Next up is the story that inspires the collection title, “Mulholland Dive.” Detective Clewiston has been sent out to an accident scene on the legendary road. He is an expert in reconstructing a car crash. This is a special case with a lot of riding on what he determines led to the fatal plunge for the driver of a very expensive car.

Eugene Vachon just got out of prison and is about to arrive at the McDonald’s just a block from the bus depot. Detectives Stilwell and Harvick are set up on the place and waiting for him. It is Harwick’s first day in the Gang Intelligence Unit and Stilwell is the veteran providing leadership and experience. Word is Vachon is about to do something as a thank you of sorts for the protection he got in prison and they are there to stop it.

The three tales in Mulholland Dive: Three Stories are all good ones. Sadly, there is no sign of Bosch, or his brother, Haller in these stories. The previously published tales in a variety of markets are all good ones. The reader is left to wonder if the final story, a contemporary piece, might have led to a follow up tale or novel featuring the characters as there seems to be a lot of potential there for a sequel.

Mulholland Dive: Three Stories
Michael Connelly
Little, Brown and Company (Hachette Book Group)
September 2012
ISBN# 978-0-316-23367-5
eBook (also available in audio format)
62 Pages

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