Saturday, September 19, 2020

Scott's Take: A Chain Across The Dawn (The Universe After Book 2) by Drew Williams

A Chain Across The Dawn by Drew Williams is the sequel to The Stars Are Now Unclaimed. While the first book focused more on Jane, this book focuses more on Esa and is set three years later when she is Jane’s partner. Together they work as a team to rescue gifted children.

Their latest rescue involves a Wulf (think wolf alien) boy named Sho who is being hunted by an unstoppable monster with advanced technology and no regard for humor or alien life. The creature may have the answers to how to undo the pulse, but there are two major problems with trying to find out. He is absolutely insane and incredibly powerful. He is killing everything in his path and won’t stop until he kills them and Sho.

This book is just as amazing as the first book, but instead of a space military war type story this is a chase thriller book. This book is full of humor, action, character development, deep discussions about life, and two awesome new characters that quickly grow on the reader. The new characters are just as interesting as the returning characters and just as different. The villain in this book is just as nuanced as The Pax. This book and the series is complicated and very engrossing as the pages fly by.

This book ends with a bang that sets up the third book called The Firmament of Flame which I am on hold for at the library. I eagerly await the third book in this amazing series. One should definitely read this series in order as the first book is a huge influence on the sequel.

A Chain Across The Dawn (The Universe After Book 2)
Drew Williams
Tom Doherty Associates (Tor)
May 2019
ISBN# 978-1-250-18614-0
Hardback (also available in audio, eBook, and paperback formats)
320 Pages

My reading copy came from the Mountain Creek Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.

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