Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Review: Kiss and Kill in Texas: An Al Quinn Novel by Russ Hall


The eighth book in the Al Quinn series, Kiss and Kill in Texas by Russ Hall starts off with a bang.


Al Quinn had been on his bass boat moments earlier along with his wife, Fergie. They had shot across Lake Travis to the boat ramp at Muleshoe after Bobby Ray Champion called and said he needed to see Al immediately. They were just in time to see Bobby shot dead due to a sniper’s bullet.

Al knew the man was dead before he hit the ground, but gave chase hoping to see the shooter. All he was able to do was get up on some higher ground nearby in time to hear a pickup truck start somewhere close and pull away. So, neither he nor Fergie have much to tell Sheriff’s Department Detective, Victor Kahlon, when he arrives at the murder scene.

That might have been the end of it. Bobby Ray was what some would call a troubled soul and had not told Al much on the phone other that it was life or death and to come quick. He’d recently been to Al’s place looking to bunk on the couch once again, but these days Al has a full house. Not only is Fergie there, but his brother Maury, his wife, Bonny, and their baby is, as is Patty Belle, who they recently rescued from several very bad people. Not to mention the awesome dog, Tanner. There was simply no room at the inn this time and Al had to send Bobby on his way.

The result is the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have much to go on. Fergie and Al do a little poking around and find out that Bobby Ray was trying to make a musical comeback. Their poking around soon draws interest in a very negative way. Al and Fergie aren’t the only targets either.

That negative attention escalates rapidly putting everyone in danger. The only choice is to leave the house at Lake Travis and hit the road. Al and Fergie figure the one place the bad folks won’t be looking for them is in the belly of the beast, Port Dexter. Apparently Bobby’s Ray’s latest round of trouble is tied into there. Who, what, and why are just three of the big unknowns.

What follows is another intense and complicated mystery/adventure read in this long running series. This is the eighth book in the series, so the characters are pretty much fleshed out as is the family dynamic. The focus here is on the fishing industry, the Texas gulf coast, and those that would exploit others for fun and profit. Kiss and Kill in Texas: An Al Quinn Novel is another high octane read like the other books in the series.

This read, as well as the others in the series, are highly recommended.

Using funds in my Amazon Associate account, I purchased this in eBook format back in September 2022. 


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Peg said...

This looks promising!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I very much enjoy the entire series. If you read them, hope you do too.