Thursday, November 30, 2023

Review: Resurrection Walk: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel by Michael Connelly

Resurrection Walk: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel by Michael Connelly splits the time between Bosch and his brother, Mickey Haller. At its core, the novel is about a flawed justice system and trying to get innocent people released. But, the read is far more complicated than that.


Mickey Haller is doing pretty well. He just got Jorge Ochoa out after years of being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and he likes the feeling that kind of victory. He enjoyed that thrill of victory as Ochoa walked out, a sort of “resurrection walk.”  


These days Bosch works for him so that he has insurance. Bosch was going to let the cancer do what it did, but changed his mind. Bosch is fighting, and when he isn’t in treatment, he is driving Haller around and reading letters from inmates seeking help to overturn convictions.


It is their own version of the “Innocence Project” and Bosch thinks he may have spotted a case worth looking at in greater detail. Lucinda Sanz was convicted of manslaughter in the shooting death of her Los Angeles County Deputy Husband. She pleaded nolo to manslaughter as a plea deal. She has no idea who killed her husband in the front yard of their house, or why, but she took the deal because her public defender said to do so. Now she urgently needs to get out and back home to her son.


While Haller is doing various things, Bosch does some poking around and is soon questioning the merits of the case against her. Overturning her plea is going to be damn near impossible, but going to Federal Court might be a step in the right direction. That case and the fight to get Lucinda Sanz out of prison is the primary overarching storyline.


Other cases, Bosch’s cancer fight, and various ongoing matters make up secondary storylines in a complex novel.


While the cancer fight is tough reading for those of who have gone through it with a loved one, the overall novel does not spend a ton of time in that storyline. Many things are going on in Resurrection Walk: A Lincoln Lawyer Novel by Michael Connelly. The result is a highly entertaining read that pulls the reader along at a rapid clip. The book is well worth your time.



After the publisher skipped my NetGalley review request, my reading copy came by way of the Libby/OverDrive App and the Dallas Public Library System.


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