Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Forgotten Books: "Tin Soldiers" by Mark Leonard

Sorry this is coming online late----bad night followed by a worse morning. As always, the complete list is on Patti Abbott's blog. Thank you for reading and thank you Zumya Publications for sending me this book back in the day.

Seventeen year old Captain Richard Arthur attends the Maxwell Military Academy in New York state. Vietnam is percolating right along and those attending the academy know that before too much longer they will be over there. It’s a closed warped world, as any military academy is, and they handle everything internally and remain for all intents and purposes, closed off from the public. Even when a cadet falls to his brutal death from the roof off one of the barracks.

Ted Sheridan took a short and very quick fatal dive off the roof. Before long, the often wittily sarcastic Captain Arthur, known by the obvious nickname of “King” to one and all, is placed in charge of the investigation by the brass. An investigation that is rigged from the start and King is very well aware that, like the last time, he is supposed to arrive at the preconceived conclusion acceptable to those in charge. While he knows what the mission is, he doesn’t agree and besides that he really does have his hands full with some of his fellow students who are cracking under the pressure. And what does Ted’s incredibly hot sister want with him and why does she keep showing up in the strangest of places?

What follows is a very twisted novel, part mystery, part humor and completely engrossing. There are parts that are just laugh out loud funny and are guaranteed to definitely offend some folks as this author has absolutely no concerns about the concept of political correctness. That fact along with his repeated use of obscenities both in dialogue and in narration will surely annoy some readers.

However, if you like your reads a little different than the normal run of the mill and don’t mind embarrassing yourself by laughing out loud in public, then this mystery is sure to work for you. Not only is this book certainly not politically correct, it contains a twisting case that is sure to appeal to anyone interested in crime and solving the case. Arthur may be a foul mouthed Sherlock in a military uniform at times, but it is well worth it to tag along for this very good read.


By Mark Leonard

Zumaya Publications


ISBN # 1-55410-268-5

Large Trade Paperback

265 Pages

Kevin R. Tipple © 2006, 2011


Todd Mason said...

I'm trying to remember why I think I know Mark Leonard's name...time to engine-search...

Unknown said...

The author, Mark Leonard has a witty, smart-alek, irreverent style that reminds me a lot of Nelson DeMille. This is a fun read, with a Rat Goodie (some particularly enjoyable reward to the reader) in every chapter.