Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting Served

Got served yesterday on behalf of ALLEN ADKINS & ASSOCIATES representing CITIBANK that they are suing me for $1701.71 plus court costs, etc. Have severe medical issues, lost my job back in October, filed for SS Disability back in November and we filed for food stamps this past week. We simply don't have any money or we would have worked out payment deal with CITIBANK as we tried to do on our own and they refused before turning it over to a collection agency based in Lubbock, d/b/a as ALLEN ADKINS & ASSOCIATES.

Scheduled to appear in Judge W. M "Mike" Yarbrough’s Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 4 located in Frisco, Texas very soon. A bit of a pack rat, I have detailed records regarding all correspondence with all parties to show the court and counsel.

What I need is a local attorney to help navigate the situation. So, if you are a local attorney or you know of one, please contact me at



michael said...

Bankruptcy might be an option.

Are you starting to feel like one of those modern day noir characters, the good family man pushed to the edge comes up with the perfect heist?

Don't rob any banks, Kevin. You know how those books end.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

True enough, Michael.