Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Novella Review: "Death Will Save Your Life: A Bruce Kohler Mystery " by Elizabeth Zelvin

Bruce didn’t want to go to the Aquarius Institute, but Barbara wasn’t to be denied. She had set things up for her and Jimmy to attend some sort of couple’s workshop with a well-publicized relationship guru named Melvin Markowitz. Barbara was sure that veggies, meditation, and yoga in the morning would help Bruce too. Bruce doesn’t want any part of this new age nonsense that Barbara has involved Jimmy and her, but can’t get out of it either.

The place maybe located in a beautiful setting, but for Bruce there is no getting around the fact that being out in the country somewhere instead of New York City isn’t natural. He is a city boy and needs the sounds of the city as nature is far too quiet. Being a recovering alcoholic means that the no booze requirement is no problem. The no cigarette requirement as well as the no caffeine requirement are major issues. Another issue are his fellow residents. That includes his obnoxious and pretentious roommate JoJo.

While the place many preach peace and light, many are having issues, and somewhere in the gathering of clients and stuff lurks a killer. Finding the body means that Barbara, Jimmy and Bruce are once again involved way more than they want to be in a murder case. A case that Bruce Kohler increasingly feels compelled to solve in this latest read from author Elizabeth Zelvin.

Suspects abound in Death Will Save Your Life: A Bruce Kohler Mystery novella from Books b Nimble. Bruce, Jimmy and Barbara provide sarcasm and occasionally biting commentary while working their way through a long suspect list in this fun and fast read. Unlike the novels in this series that tend to slow the action down for psychology and treatment issues, this novella proceeds at a rapid pace while providing plenty of mystery and the occasional joke.

Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2012


Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. All the best to you and Sandi.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. Good books!