Monday, December 03, 2012


We literally limped in the door minutes ago as things were running way behind at the hospital this morning. After starting over an hour and a half late, the PET SCAN is completed on Sandi.

We see her cancer doctor for the news early Thursday afternoon.

We also saw six different patients we know this morning who went into remission at about the same time Sandi did. They are also now back in chemotherapy based on their PET SCANS the last couple of weeks. That was pretty hard to take--for us and them.

I have to get Scott to school at UTD as Sandi needs to rest. If you are waiting on an e-mail reply from me, please understand that may not happen today as I am having my own ongoing issues and desperately need to rest this afternoon.



Unknown said...

We've had way too many of those "running behind" days. My sympathies to you both. Fingers crossed that the PET scan will be a good one for Sandi.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Bill. I know you guys have been through it. Those "running behind" days makes everything so much harder. Things happen and I do get that, but some of that yesterday could have been avoided by some common sense.

We have an after lunch doctor appointment on Thursday so that's going to be a long day too.

MRI this morning is way simpler so hopefully that will be on time.