Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today--More Medical Stuff

For over a year now our lives seem to revolve around doctor visits. Especially after last November with the cancer diagnosis and start of chemo for Sandi. Later this morning Sandi and I will be seeing the cardiac surgeon her cancer doctor recommended last week. Hopefully he will have the results of the CT Scan she had last Friday. That was done to better locate the 2 centimeter thing on her chest wall slightly behind her heart so that this doctor has a definite surgical target.

As we understand it, at this point, this type of thing means cracking open the chest wall. But, maybe not. Very early this morning long before dawn, when I could not sleep yet again, I started searching around on the internet trying to figure out how they would do this. Apparently the doctor she is seeing this morning is involved with some sort of robotic surgery deal where they do not crack open the chest wall. Instead, in some sort of "minimally invasive" deal, they put a couple of  very small holes in through the ribs on the side and then work from there. This is supposed to be better for the patient with less pain, faster recovery time, etc.

Whether or not she is a candidate for this I obviously do not know. But, if so AND if it works, it sounds much better than cracking the chest wall and spreading it apart which is all I have been thinking about. We also have to schedule this for Sandi as soon as possible when next Tuesday Scott is supposed to be at another hospital for a medical procedure test of his own regarding his ongoing gastrointestinal issues. That has been scheduled for over a month to happen as soon as possible once he finished his finals at UTD.

The fact that I am so limited in every way is really frustrating when it is times like this.



Bill Crider said...

I know the feeling.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I know you do.