Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stuff for Sale

Things are very rough here money wise which is why I updated the donation button over to the left. I had hoped that we would never have to ask for any help again, but, Sandi's new bout with cancer and unpaid medical leave changed everything. Donations are always helpful and very much appreciated, but if you would like to have something physical for your dollars, here are a couple of ideas.

My wife, Sandi, has been making craft projects for years. What first was done as gifts for family and friends has expanded and she has stuff  at She has lowered her prices to the rock bottom to move things.

Back in 2010 l Karl set up a deal at Amazon for selling things under his online moniker of THUNDERCATSNYY. is store sells video games, movies, my old books¸ and other items. The store is at: and changes almost daily because he adds things to replace stuff he has sold. 

And last, but not least, take a look at Barry Ergang’s books from his personal library for sale at He sells a few and adds a few a couple of times a week so even if you looked before and did not find anything that strikes your fancy, surf over and take a look. Barry is once again contributing 20 percent of what he sells to us to help us out. You can also his fiction at and

Thank you for the support.


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