Sunday, February 17, 2013


Assuming everything goes right, by this time tomorrow Sandi should be back home. At least, we hope so. We have to be at the hospital at 5 am so we shall be up around 4 am to get ready. By 7 am they are supposed to start operating on her to clean out the port site and remove a lot of scar tissue and debris. Once that is done the cardiac surgeon who has operated on her twice in the preceding months including last time when she had at least two bouts of arterial fibrillation will put the new port in place.

The current plan is then for her to have several days housebound at home recovering and then we see the new cancer doctor down in Dallas next Monday. This is the guy who is going to evaluate her for the bone marrow transplant deal. Hopefully Sandi will be a candidate for that, despite the fact that her bone marrow was full of cancer the last time and all her other issues, and that it can be done in conjunction with chemotherapy. If it can't be done, we don't know what plan B will be or even if there is one.

But, the first step is to get the port back in her. Between shuttling Scott back and forth to his classes at UTD tomorrow, I will be at the hospital for the duration. The nurses have seen enough of me, including my crashing to the floor, that they know how I have to lie down and all and work with me on that. Despite their help, this sort of deal does a real number on me anyway. As long as this is going on with Sandi I can't pursue further my own ongoing and worsening medial situation that very well may be MS. Somebody has to be able to drive and I am it in these parts. No other way around it.

I'm going to be radio silent on the lists and groups and out of touch as I am not taking my laptop to the hospital and running the risk of falling and breaking it. Things are bad enough here without that happening. Both Karl and Scott are on Facebook so there may be an update there as I let them know how their Mon is doing once the surgery is over.

As soon as I am back home I will update folks as to how things are......

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