Friday, August 30, 2013

The Latest From Novelist Earl Staggs

As posted to several lists earlier today......

I don’t often see reviews of my short stories so I’m pleased all over with this one:
And there’s more!  Call now and we’ll double your. . . Sorry.  Wrong commercial.
Actually, tho, Untreed Reads published this story and it’s now part of UR’s Labor Day Weekend Sale going on at: 
That means 40% off.  Let’s see.  The price is 99 cents, and 40% off means you can buy it for. . .well, you’re better at math than I am.
And there’s even more! 
You also get 40% off another something of mine there.
This big holiday sale at Untreed Reads, by the way, includes all their authors so you’ll find bargains on works by many familiar authors. 
Earl Staggs
JUSTIFIED ACTION featuring Tall Chambers available in print or ebook.  “Now. . .it’s personal.”
Read Chapter 1 at:  

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