Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Writers' Police Academy

As recently posted elsewhere:

Registration for the 2014 Writers' Police Academy is scheduled to open on Sunday, January 26th at 12 noon east coast time. We try to be mindful of all time zones when we set the opening of registration. We must also choose a day and time when our IT experts are available, because it is they who actually flip the switch and then wait for the sparks to fly.
Remember, space is limited at the WPA,and the system is programmed to shut off when it reaches the maximum number of registrations. The same is so for the firearms training and driving simulators. They, too, will shut off when their top numbers are met. WPA registration is on a first-come/first-serve basis. 
As always, we've scheduled a number of specialty workshops that are available by sign-up only. You'll see those listed on the registration form. Please read carefully and follow the instructions listed. Again,when the maximum number of participants is reached the system will cease to accept entries.
Please watch for sign-up sections on the form that instruct you to make "only one" selection. For example, you may only select either Meggitt (formerly known as FATS) or the Driving Simulator, not both. We have this in place to give everyone the opportunity to do and see as  much as they possibly can. However, those of you who've attended in the
past already know it is impossible to see and do everything. So make your selections carefully and wisely.
Next, we've posted a "schedule-in-progress." From the WPA website's main page you may now click the Schedule Of Events tab that's located below right of the scrolling photos at the top of the page. Keep in mind, though, that our schedules are subject to change at any time due to the nature of the business (many of our instructors are active-duty police and other 1st responders). We also add new workshops as they become available. Please check the WPA site often, especially during the weeks closer to the event.

*Finally, if you don't get through at precisely 12 noon (east coast time), please try again. Sometimes a tiny bug works its way into the system and it takes our experts a minute or two to squash it. Don't wait too long before trying again, though, because we anticipate selling out in a short period of time. It could be days or it could be 
in a matter of minutes.
So, we, the entire WPA staff, hope to see each of you in September!

*Please do take a moment to pass along this information to your friends and fellow writers.

Lee Lofland 
Writers' Police Academy

The Graveyard Shift            

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