Saturday, January 11, 2014

Social Media and Yahoo Groups

Last weekend I pulled the plug on a half dozen facebook groups I was in because it was the same authors posting the same things over and over again day after day along with spam from folks selling stuff. Seems to me that if those who run the groups don't care enough about their groups to check and remove spam  on a regular basis as well as to tell some folks that posting about their same novel ten times in one day is way too much that I did not need to waste my time being there.

Tonight I have left three different yahoo groups over nonsense in group and off group with various messages. Some folks are seriously humor challenged and others are amazingly judgmental about things they no nothing about while also having the unique ability to not have a clue about anything or anyone outside their own narrow focused world.

I have a real life and am not in the mood these days to tolerate such nonsense. Things are hard enough here--much of which I never say a word about--without dealing with such nonsense and crap. What you see here regarding our personal stuff is the very tip of the iceberg of what we deal with on a daily basis.

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