Sunday, January 26, 2014

Euro Crime Update--- New Reviews on Euro Crime: Brightwell, Gerhardsen, Indridason, Miller, Nickson, O'Brien

As posted elsewhere earlier today...

Here are details of six new reviews added to the Euro Crime website today.

Check back tomorrow to see what is the favourite overall Euro Crime read of 2013, plus who are the team's favourite authors and translators of 2013.

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New Reviews:

I review Emily Brightwell's 'The Inspector and Mrs Jeffries' which has recently had a (very belated) UK release;

Rich Westwood reviews 'The Gingerbread House' by Carin Gerhardsen tr. Paul Norlen, the first in the Hammarby (Stockholm) series;

Michelle Peckham reviews Arnaldur Indridason's 'Strange Shores' tr. Victoria Cribb;

Amanda Gillies reviews 'Norwegian by Night' by Derek B Miller;

Terry Halligan reviews Chris Nickson's 'The Crooked Spire', set in fourteenth-century Chesterfield

and Lynn Harvey reviews the latest in Martin O'Brien's south of France set, Daniel Jacquot series, 'The Dying Minutes'. or via the blog:

Forthcoming titles can be found by author or date or by category, here ( along with releases by year.

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