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Crime Review Update--- New issue of Crime Review

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In our new edition of Crime Review (*
*) this week we have sixteen reviews (http://
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This week’s reviews are:

PERSONAL by Lee Child, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A cryptic message in a newspaper takes Jack Reacher to Paris and then to
London to track down an assassin with world leaders in his sights

MASTERS OF WAR by Chris Ryan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
SAS trooper Danny Black leads a small team of fellow soldiers riding
shotgun for an MI6 agent who is attempting to make contact with one of the
rebel factions in war-torn Syria.

TATIANA by Martin Cruz Smith, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
A fearless reporter, Tatiana Petrovna, is found dead, apparently having
committed suicide by throwing herself from the sixth floor of an apartment
block. At about the same time a billionaire Mafia chief is shot dead. As
Senior Investigator, Arkady Renko, looks into the first case, he comes to
believe that it is in some way connected with the second.

WHITE CROCODILE by KT Medina, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Tess Hardy is clearing mines in Cambodia, trying to find why her husband
died, and whether the feared White Crocodile holds the explanation.

BLINK by Niamh O’Connor, reviewed by John Cleal
DI Gavin Sexton is looking into a spate of teenage suicides when he meets a
young girl paralysed by 'locked-in' syndrome. Communicating by blinks, she
tells him: 'I hired a hitman.'

CLOSE CALL by Stella Rimington, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
MI5 agent Liz Carlyle has to deal with a blast from her past, as well as a
possible homegrown terror plot that kicks off in the Yemen

PATHS OF THE DEAD by Lin Anderson, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The body of a young man is found at a Neolithic stone circle in Glasgow. DI
Michael McNab thinks the killing is drug-related but forensic scientist
Rhona Macleod isn’t convinced.

THE NIGHT THE RICH MEN BURNED by Malcolm Mackay, reviewed by John Cleal
Two young friends try to escape a pointless life on Glasgow fringes and
become involved in the loan-sharking and collection rackets. One rises
quickly up the ranks. The other becomes a victim of growing debt and

KILLER by Jonathan Kellerman, reviewed by Sylvia Wilson
When Dr Alex Delaware is called in to write a court report in a
straightforward custody battle between two sisters, he thinks that it is an
easy job. Then one of the sisters threatens to kill him but is herself
murdered and the other disappears with her child.

YOUNG PHILBY by Robert Littell, reviewed by John Cleal
Kim Philby fled Beirut aboard a Russian ship that sailed so hurriedly it
left much of its cargo on the dockside. Cleared by a British inquiry
through lack of evidence, the former senior intelligence liaison officer in
Washington had spied for the Communists for more than 30 years.

MARKED by David Jackson, reviewed by Maddy Marsh
In New York’s East Village, the remains of a young girl are found.
Detective Callum Doyle has seen a similar killing in the past and he knows
who committed both crimes. The problem is, no one believes him.

ACT OF FEAR by Michael Collins, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A girl is murdered, a policeman on the beat is robbed of everything he
carries, and a man goes missing. Dan Fortune is hired to find the man and
tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

WALKING WITH GHOSTS by Jean G Goodhind, reviewed by John Cleal
Hotel owner ‘Honey’ Driver, police liaison officer for her association,
becomes involved in a murder and a hunt for a priceless artefact when a
woman is killed on a ghost walk.

ART OF DECEPTION by AJ Cross, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A mummified body is found in the remains of a deserted summerhouse in a
country park. Kate Hanson and Birmingham’s Unsolved Crimes Unit have to
delve into the past to make sense of the present.

LOST WORLDS: SHADOW CREATURES by Andrew Lane, reviewed by Fiona Spence
In the search for new DNA and a cure for his paralysis, Calum Challenger
and his friends plan to hunt down a shadowy creature in Hong Kong. But when
Calum's taken hostage and taken to New Mexico, no one knows he's gone. And
he's not the only one in trouble.

GAME by Barry Lyga, reviewed by Linda Wilson
As Jasper Dent proclaims in one of his tattoos, he hunts killers. It’s an
unusual job for a teenager, but he’s well-qualified, as he’s the son of
America’s most notorious serial killer.

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