Thursday, July 23, 2015

Turtle Time

It is that time of year when the turtles climb up the slope from the creek far below......

to the flat surface at the base of our back stairs. They do this under the cover of darkness. Once there on the small flat spot at the bottom of the stairs they begin to dig. It takes hours for the turtle to dig a hole deep enough to lay eggs. Usually the sun is up long before they finish the process so when we are out early on the porch we can watch them hard at work.

Eventually the turtle will finish and slowly work its way back down to the water. That journey back is often made with a sense of urgency because of the small children that are not supervised  or the fact the turtle has been out of the water quite some time and needs to get back.

Fun to watch at a distance as well as proof that life goes on no matter the circumstances of each day. Watching life in and on the creek as nature does its thing each day has brought both Sandi and I some brief respites here and there as things relentlessly roll along.


Reine said...

I love the sweet story about the turtles, Kevin.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Cool relating what your local turtles are up to...especially as I am a person who keeps turtles as pets.