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New issue of Crime Review 2/2

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Lesley Thomson in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

ALL OF A WINTER’S NIGHT by Phil Rickman, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Exorcist Merrily Watkins knows that Aidan Lloyd’s funeral was too
perfunctory and too impersonal. But what she doesn’t know is how to put
things right to enable the dead man to sleep easily in his grave.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD by JM Smyth, reviewed by John Cleal
Criminal brain Red Dock steals a policeman’s daughter to begin a carefully
planned, brutal and barbaric revenge on the family who put him and his twin
brother into care.

MY SISTER’S BONES by Nuala Ellwood, reviewed by John Barnbrook
Kate Rafter is a successful war correspondent who returns to her childhood
home in Herne Bay. Something had gone wrong in her past and her helpful
brother-in-law seems to be the most likely person to help

THE KINGDOM by Fuminori Nakamura, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Yurika poses as a prostitute to obtain compromising photographs of men.
Life gets complicated when one of her targets turns out to be a powerful
man who knows what she has been doing.

HAUNT ME by Liz Kessler, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When Erin and her family move into a new house, she’s not expecting to find
someone already living in her bedroom, especially not the ghost of its
former occupant.

THE PASSENGER by FR Tallis, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
It is 1941 and the Battle of the Atlantic is at its height. U-Boat U330
receives a heavily encoded message to pick up two prisoners from a ship
just off the coast of Iceland. They carry out the order and, in doing so,
put the submarine in grave danger.

GATHERING PREY by John Sandford, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Lucas Davenport gets a call for help via his daughter Letty from a
traveller whose friend has gone missing. What he uncovers takes him on a
wild ride across northern central USA.

THE WRONG SIDE OF GOODBYE by Michael Connelly, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A reclusive billionaire hires Harry Bosch to find a missing woman. But
there are plenty of people who don’t want her to be found.
 LADY COP MAKES TROUBLE by Amy Stewart, reviewed by John Cleal
Constance Kopp, America’s first female deputy sheriff, discovers her
position may be in jeopardy because of the law. When a German conman
escapes her custody, she must find him to save the job she loves.

CRUEL MERCY by David Mark, reviewed by Chris Roberts
DS Aector McAvoy is visiting New York to trace a traveller, his wife’s
brother Valentine Teague. Two members of a rival clan, the Heldens, have
been shot and unless Valentine is cleared a long-standing feud may be

RAGDOLL by Daniel Cole, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor
Detective Sergeant Fawkes is called to a horrific crime scene where there
is only one body, but clearly six victims.

THW HEIRS OF OWAIN GLYNDWR by Peter Murphy, reviewed by Jim Beaman
A group of Welsh activists are on trial for plotting to plant a bomb in
Caernarfon Castle during the investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969.

BELOVED POISON by ES Thomson, reviewed by John Cleal
St Saviour’s Infirmary in London awaits demolition. Apothecary Jem
Flockhart uncovers six tiny coffins and her search for their meaning
reveals a long forgotten past and sparks a series of murders.

THE GIRL BEFORE by JP Delaney, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor
Like Emma had before, Jane can’t turn down the offer of the minimalistic
house, despite the rules that go with renting it. But who was Emma, and how
did she die?

NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Kerry Wilkinson, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Craig Macklin’s parents owe money and the interest is mounting at a rate
they can’t keep pace with, but when Craig tries to help out, he finds that
paying the money back isn’t easy.

THE DEVIL’S FEAST by MJ Carter, reviewed by John Cleal
Afghan war hero Captain William Avery, a reluctant sleuth, investigates a
horrible death at the Reform, London’s grandest gentleman’s club – a death
the club is desperate to keep quiet.

THE HANGING TREE by Ben Aaronovitch, reviewed by Anthea Hawdon
Life was always going to get complicated for Peter Grant when Lady Ty's
teenage daughter is involved with a drug overdose at a party, but matters
quickly become more complicated with the involvement of a magical book and
the Faceless Man.

ATHENIAN BLUES by Pol Koutsakis, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Contract killer Stratos Gazis is contacted by the beautiful actress Aliki:
her husband beats her, and she wants him dead. Stratos decides to do a
little investigating before he accepts the job.

THE OTHER SON by Alexander Soderberg, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Sophie Brinkmann is an ordinary nurse who regrets falling in love with the
major crime lord Hector Guzman. But following a vicious attack he is left
in coma and she has to take control of his empire, as both his friends and
enemies won’t leave her in peace.

BIRTHRIGHT by David Hingley, reviewed by John Cleal
Widowed Mercia Blakewood must gamble everything she loves to save her
family and inheritance. Her quest takes her to the New World at a time of
historic change.

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